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Reasons to hire a car accident attorney

Car accident victims might want to move past the traumatic experience, but medical bills, lost wages, and other financial troubles make doing so difficult. Texas accident victims could take some solace in the fact that auto liability or uninsured motorist insurance coverage may pay for some of their losses. Dealing directly with an insurance company could come with challenges and problems, which is why so many choose to hire an attorney.

An attorney represents a client

When insurance companies deal with a claimant, they typically send an adjuster to handle the settlement. However, the adjuster might have greater loyalty to the insurance company, meaning he or she could attempt to “lowball” a claimant. When dealing with an attorney, the adjuster might find making low settlement offers difficult. An attorney may argue and negotiate for a higher settlement based on accurate loss figures.

An attorney could provide ample evidence supporting the losses a victim faces. A comprehensive presentation of lost income, medical treatment costs, rehabilitation expenses, property damage, and more may support a higher claim.

An inexperienced accident victim might not know how to present such evidence. The victim could also be incapable of going back and forth with an adjuster, and negotiating skills might be necessary when trying to reach an equitable settlement.

Litigation and claims

Insurance companies may deny claims for losses after motor vehicle accidents. Providers might claim that their customer was not negligent, even though evidence could suggest otherwise. An attorney could discuss bringing a lawsuit against the insurance company in such instances.

In some cases, the attorney may recommend suing the negligent party beyond insurance limits. If the person has an umbrella policy or significant assets and if the negligence was particularly egregious, such civil actions may prove warranted.

A business or another enterprise may share responsibility for accidents, which is a common scenario with truck accidents. An attorney could assist a client in seeking compensation from others besides the driver.

An attorney could meet with a potential client for a consultation. The attorney may discuss the client’s legal options after a disastrous accident.